Championship Cup Series
Summit Point Motorsports Park

Summit Point Motorsports Park

201 Motorsports Park Circle
PO Box 190
Summit Point, WV 25446
Phone: 304-725-8444
Fax: 304-728-7124

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CCS & ASRA Events at Summit Point Circuit

All online event schedules are tentative, and subject to change. Use for planning purposes only.
Official Event Schedule should be obtained at the event.

May 23-25, 2020

Read Announcement

June 13-14, 2020

CCS TWIN Sprint Races
- - - - -
Friday Practice & School by MARRC

Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline:
June 1   11pm Central

* Special Procedures for this event due to COVID-19 *

Latest Registration & Tech Procedures (as of May 29)

August 15-16, 2020

ASRA Team Challenge
ASRA Sprint Races
CCS Sprint Races
- - - - -
Friday Practice & School by MARRC

Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline:
July 31   5 pm Central

*Updated Special Procedures for August event due to Covid-19*

Latest Registration & Tech Procedures (as of May 29)


  • There will be a $10 surcharge imposed to each racer per event for security & clean-up. (Read the Announcement)

  • Race & Practice Day Pre-Entry: You may use our Racer Portal or the CCS/ASRA Pre-Entry forms for Race Entries as well as the May CCS Practice Day.

  • CCS Practice/Testing Day: Testing Fees for Licensed Racers: $150 (Counts as your First Race Entry). No half-day registrations for testing. All Bikes must be Teched prior to going on the track for the practice day. This will qualify as CCS Tech for weekend races.

  • Racer Portal - Online Pre-Entry
    Pre-Enter Online using Racer Portal

       New Cash & Credit/Debit cards accepted
       3-Day Pass:  $35 ea
       2-Day Pass:  $25 ea
       Last Day Only Pass:  $15 ea
    Prices are for full-weekend passes per person (age 13 and older) depending upon day of arrival. Subject to change without notice

  • Safety Crew Sign-Up


Pit Bikes will be allowed in the paddock only. A pit bike is defined as a non street legal motorized vehicle. Minors should not be riding pit bikes anywhere. Bicycles and street legal vehicles will be allowed out of the paddock for access to viewing areas.

Playing on any vehicle in the woods is frowned upon. Summit Point is not a motocross or off-road track. Do not abuse the convenience of a pit bike on the dirt roads that exist to viewing areas, even if your pit bike is "street legal". This applies day or night.

Help patrol your pit neighbors with a simple "Hey pit bikes are for paddock transportation, we could lose that goofing around". People goofing off are hard to "catch" so this is a blanket policy for the whole paddock. It would take just one person breaking the rules to have pit bikes banned permanently for all our events.

Staff (including MARRC) will be allowed out of the paddock on pit bikes for official purposes during practice/racing; be sure you have your official shirt on!



Limited Paved Paddock
Camping in Paddock: Yes
Paddock Electricity: Yes $15 per day (20, 30 & 50 amp)
Showers: Yes
No Potable Water or Sewage
Food Vendor: Not at this time due to COVID-19 Regulations
FM Broadcast: Station 88.7
Rider Registration: Classroom inside track
Scoring on Riders' Right

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