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CCS & ASRA Events at New Jersey Motorsports Park

All online event schedules are tentative, and subject to change. Use for planning purposes only.
Official Event Schedule should be obtained at the event.

January 27, 2018

2017 Atlantic & Mid-Atlantic Region Awards Ceremony

April 28-29, 2018
Thunderbolt Course

Friday Practice by Absolute Cycle
ASRA Sprint Races
CCS Sprint Races
(Double ATL Points)
Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline: April 13
5 pm Central

July 7-8, 2018
Thunderbolt Course

Multiple Practice Days by Absolute Cycle
CCS Sprint Races
Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline: June 22
5 pm Central

September 1-2, 2018
Thunderbolt Course

Friday Practice by Absolute Cycle
ASRA Team Challenge
CCS TWIN Sprint Races
Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline: August 17
5 pm Central

September 29-30, 2018
Lightning Course

Friday Practice by Absolute Cycle
CCS Sprint Races
(Double ATL Points)
Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline: September 14
5 pm Central




  • Riders under the age of 18: NJMP must receive the following prior to their participation (Must be submitted with entry at track):
    1. Proof of age (birth certificate, driver permit, etc.)
    2. Participant resume (experience, if any)
    3. Signed Parental Consent Form (Signed by both parents) - Download the Parental Consent Form

  • Additional Waiver: All persons entering the facility must sign a waiver, in addition to any other forms required at registration. Click here to Download the NJMP waiver.

  • Paddock Parking Policy: Due to multiple recent incidents in the paddock areas on Thunderbolt and Lightning to where emergency vehicles cannot access roadways or line of sight has been obstructed at intersections having the potential to cause personal injury or accidents, the following paddock parking policy will be strictly enforced.

        "To facilitate emergency vehicle access, race and personal vehicles must not be parked on any paddock road/safety access lanes during an event. Any vehicle not in compliance may be towed at the owner's expense. Anyone paddocking on the asphalt/roadway areas of the paddock will be ask to move immediately if they are found to be set up on the asphalt areas, even if they are completely set up, they will be asked to relocate. Security staff as well as all NJMP executive staff will be monitoring the paddock areas and in order to avoid any confrontational circumstances."

  • Hot Pit Lane: All persons should obtain a separate armband from CCS Registration to be allowed on the Hot Pit Lane. Anyone handling fuel on the hot pit lane must be clothed in full Rider gear or full nomex including helmet and/or balaclava and headsock. Others persons (spectators, crew etc.) may wear shorts but must wear shirts with sleeves and closed-toe shoes (no sandles or flip-flops).

  • Sponsors/Vendors: Click Here for instructions if you or your company will be Vending (selling merchandise) of any kind at the race track. Contact Justin Kamm, (Office: (856) 327-7214 - email: at least two weeks prior to each event.

  • Additional Rules & Regs:
    1. Plywood must be used under all jack stands and jacks.
    2. Kickstand pads must be used under all motorcycles.
    3. Track maps marked with specific waste containment locations will be available at the front gate. Waste materials must be placed in the proper containers, and larger items such as fuel cans, parts or tires cannot be left in the paddock. If there is a spill in the paddock, please notify an NJMP employee so it can be cleaned up responsibly.

  • NJMP Website Rules & Regs


Thunderbolt Course:
Paved Access Roads
Camping in Paddock: Yes
Pets: Yes - On leash at all times
  Not allowed in any buildings
No Open fires, or ground fires
  Raised Grills allowed (charcoal or propane)
Electricity: 20 amp (garages)/ 20/30/50 (paddock)
Garages: Yes; Rent thru Absolute Cycle
Showers: Yes
No Potable Water
Fuel at track:
  Riggins street grade 93 octane
  Sunoco Race: GT100, Purple 110, Blue 112
FM Broadcast: 105.5
Food Vendor: Breakfast & Lunch
Rider Registration: Infield Classroom
Scoring on Riders' Right

Lightning Course:

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