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Homestead-Miami Speedway

1 Ralph Sanchez Speedway Boulevard
Homestead, FL 33035
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CCS & ASRA Events at Homestead

All online event schedules are tentative, and subject to change. Use for planning purposes only.
Official Event Schedule should be obtained at the event.

February 9-10, 2019

ASRA Team Challenge
CCS Sprint Races
(Double Florida Points)
2018 Florida Region Awards Ceremony
- - - - -
Saturday Practice Day by CCS

Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline:
January 25   5 pm Central

April 27-28, 2019

More Info

September 28-29, 2019

CCS Sprint Races
- - - - -
Saturday Practice Day by CCS

Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline:
September 13   5 pm Central

December 7-8, 2019

CCS Sprint Races
(Double Florida Points)
- - - - -
Saturday Practice Day by CCS

Tentative Event Schedule
Pre-Entry Deadline:
November 22   5 pm Central


On January 9, 2018, the merger of CCS Florida with CCS/ASRA was announced. Effective immediately, our Fort Worth, Texas, office will assume all responsibilities for running the CCS Florida Region.

  • Race and Practice Pre-Entries: You may use our Racer Portal or the CCS/ASRA Pre-Entry forms for Race Entries as well as the CCS Practice Days.

  • CCS Practice/Testing Day: Testing Fees for Licensed Racers: $150 (Counts as your First Race Entry). No half-day registrations for testing. All Bikes must be Teched prior to going on the track for the practice day. This will qualify as CCS Tech for weekend races.

  • Racer Portal - Online Pre-Entry
    Pre-Enter Online using Racer Portal

       (Cash Only)
    No Credit/Debit cards accepted
       Weekend Pass:  $25 ea
       Sunday only:   $15 ea
    Prices are per person and are subject to change without notice

  • Safety Crew Sign-Up



Paved Paddock
Camping in Paddock: No
  Dry Camping only Outside Track Entrance, no charge
Garages: 18' x 20'*; 20 amp outlet; perimeter walls
  No interior walls or garage doors
  *for large events garages are split 9' x 20'
Paddock Electricity: Yes
Showers: No
Food Vendor: Lunch Only
FM Broadcast: None
Rider Registration: Between Garages 15 & 16
Scoring on Rider's Left

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