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    Founded in 1984, the Championship Cup Series is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. During our long history, we have become America's Leader in Sportsman Level motorcycle road racing offering unrivalled competition at nationwide venues.
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Sponsoring Companies On Board for
CCS & ASRA in 2017

We are pleased to announce that the following companies have committed to providing contingencies for our racers in 2017.

To take advantage of these benefits, we urge all riders to use the products and services they offer.

To claim your rewards, just sign up by registering with companies that require it, display their stickers on your bikes, include them on your Sponsors list, and submit a Contingency Claim form while going through Technical Inspection process at each racing event.

AXO Leathers
EBC Brakes
Ferodo Brakes
Team Pro-Motion
Vanson Leathers
Vortex Sprockets
VP Racing Fuels

Visit our Sponsor page for company links and the
new 2017 Contingency Awards file.

Newest Updates

March 27
- Daytona Photos posted

March 23
- 2017 Factory OEM Schedule added to Forms and Sponsors pages

March 1
- CORRECTION TO Nationwide Schedule to remove MA from the New Jersey race April 29-30.(Pays points for Atlantic region only)
- Request for Refund form added to Forms

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Daytona 200

CCS Shop Reopened

The CCS Shop has been reopened with all items except Transponders, which are on order.

Latest Gallery Photos

CCS Photos
Daytona March 2017

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