Road America Photos
ASRA July 6-8, 2007

Photos by: Mike Jordan AM #55 (cbr600_mj on the CCS forum)
Dammit Jim! We need more transmitters!

Photos by: Wendy Mellinger - Photographic Artistry - email

West #113 & Wood #1
battle for the
ASRA SuperBike win

Jensen #52 finished 3rd
in ASRA SuperBike
& Farrell #841 won 5th

ASRA ThunderBike
Brian Parriott #46

Estok #123
takes 2nd in
ASRA ThunderBike

3rd on the ThunderBike
podium was
Darren James #29

Top 3 in Pro SuperStock
changed each lap
Jensen, Thompson, Wood

Jeff Wood clinches
First Place in
Factory Pro SportBike

2nd Place in
Factory Pro SportBike
Jason Farrell #841

Shane Narbonne #164
finishes 3rd in
Factory Pro SportBike

Todd Carlson #188
goes down

Bike & Rider bounce
and Carlson is flung

And he keeps on going!

Is it over yet?

Whew! What a ride!

Corner marshall gets a recap

Bike recovery

Photos by: Dick Morris

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