Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge
Last Update: December 11, 2010

The Pirelli Diablo Challenge class was included in the CCS/ASRA program for 2010 only and then was discontinued. This page is for historical purposes only.

Quoted from the 2011 License Renewal Mailer:

    "While the concept looked good on paper, the spec tire class at the CCS level proved to be less than spectacular for sponsors and the sanctioning body. With an average entry of just 3 riders per race, the interest just wasn’t strong enough for Pirelli to continue supporting the Pirelli Diablo Challenge in 2011. This doesn’t mean you won’t see this program or some derivative of this program in the future, it just means for 2011 the Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge will not be part of the CCS race schedule."

The Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge is a Spec Class introduced in 2010 exclusively for Expert and Amateur riders who possess a current Championship Cup Series competition license.

To be eligible for this class, the rider's machine must meet the requirements of CCS Middleweight SuperSport from the 2010 CCS/ASRA Road Race Rules and Requlations, and have Pirelli tires on both the front and rear of the motorcycle.

The grid for the Pirelli Diablo 600 Challenge will be set by timed practice, whether it is a separate session or included in a normal practice group by the promoter. Minimum lap times may be instituted at the discretion of the Race Director.

The race will be run under current CCS rules and procedures and may be combined with other classes if necessary. Race distance will be up to 11/2 times the standard sprint distance for the event. (i.e. if CCS sprints are 6 laps, the Diablo 600 Challenge will be 9 laps)

All of the sponsors listed at left and on the Contingency Form have similar requirements. Use their equipment, display their stickers on both sides of your motorcycle, and include them on your Sponsor List so that they appear in the official results. Additionally, Pirelli requires you wear their patch on your leathers (upper chest area or front of shoulders); and remove (or completely cover) competing tire company logos and patches.

Your motorcycle must pass a Post Race Inspection for class eligibility, product use and proper sticker placement.

The Basics:
  • When? All 2010 CCS sanctioned events
  • Race Length: 20-24 miles
  • Grids: Timed Practice or Dedicated Qualifying Session
  • Licensed CCS Experts and Amateurs
  • Post Entry at the track only (no pre-entries) - separate Post Entry Forms available in Registration
  • Entry Fee: $100

  • Separate Contingency Form? YES
  • Post-Race Inspection? YES
  • Motorcycle: 600cc (similar to MW SuperSport rules - see Rulebook)
  • Tires: Pirelli brand

  • Dependent upon number of starters: 10 pays top 5; 12 pays top 6 etc. (pays 50% of field)
  • Payout Amounts: 1st $350, 2nd $250, 3rd $150, 4th $125, 5th $100 and so on
  • Payment: By check, mailed from CCS Office within 10 days of receipt of official results and entry forms from each event

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