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Because our sport is inherently dangerous, stricter rules apply to Minor Children attending and/or participating in all events sanctioned by the Championship Cup Series and the American SportBike Racing Association.

A Minor Participant is anyone entering a restricted area who has not reached the Age of Majority*, whether they are competing in racing events or not. This includes all crew members, friends, relatives, siblings etc.

*Age of Majority depends upon the State or Country where the race track is located. For most US states this is 18 years of age, but not for all. For instance, in Alabama the age is 19. (Age of Majority @ Wikipedia)

Minimum Racer Age

A racer must be at least 12 years of age to race with the Championship Cup Series; 16 to race in the ASRA Series (ASRA Moto 3 is open to 12 and above except at Daytona).

Additional limitations apply (i.e. bike size, displacement), as outlined in our Rulebook.

Be aware that some race tracks have higher ages set for safety reasons (Daytona & New Hampshire, for example).

Annual Minor Release Required to be Licensed

Each Minor applying for a CCS/ASRA Competition License must provide a Notarized form with his/her license application - the "Parental Consent, Release And Waiver Of Liability, Assumption Of Risk, And Indemnity Agreement".

Download the Form Here and print it in Color (black & white forms will not be accepted). This legal document must be completed and signed by the child's Parents or Legal Guardians before a Notary Public.
The Description line should read: "Championship Cup Series - All Events"

Additional Forms At-The-Track

Upon arrival at the race track, Parents or Legal Guardians are required to complete & sign additional forms for each and every minor child before entry will be allowed. Some facilities require more documents than others, such as Notarized Birth Certificates (New Jersey, for example).

If the Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) of a minor child cannot be present, the Notarized "Parental Consent, Release And Waiver Of Liability, Assumption Of Risk, And Indemnity Agreement" form must be provided.

Suggestions for Parents & Guardians

Since each race track may require a variety of things, gather several sets of documents for your racing children and keep them with you while travelling such as ..

  • Original, Government-issued Birth Certificates
  • Notarized Parental Consent Forms
  • Notarized Guardianship Documents
  • Xerox copies of Racing Licenses & Racing School Certificates
  • Resumes of the child's motorcycle racing history
  • Any other document proving your child's age (i.e. Driver's License, Student ID)

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