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    Founded in 1984, the Championship Cup Series is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. During our long history, we have become America's Leader in Sportsman Level motorcycle road racing offering unrivalled competition at nationwide venues.
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Pre-Entry for 34th Annual CCS Race of Champions is Open Through October 6

September 1, 2017 - The 34th Annual Race of Champions pre-entry is officially open and this link will take you to the official entry, camping and garage rental forms along with the Official Event Schedule. If you'll look at the schedule, you'll see that the Race of Champions also includes the final events for the AMA Sanctioned ASRA Sprint Series presented by Pirelli Tire and the 55-lap ASRA Team Challenge presented by Michelin Tire.

For the CCS National Championships, your first class pre-entry is $130, each additional class is $95. As in the past, the first CCS pre-entry includes your Hot Pit Credential, a $65 value.

For those who choose to post enter the event, it will be $100 per class plus you will have to purchase a credential.

Please remember all (ASRA & CCS) participants must have a current AMA Membership since this is an AMA Sanctioned event.

Pre-entry fees for the ASRA Sprint Series will remain $95 per class and DOES NOT include your credential. (Hint: Pre-enter a CCS class too and get your credential included!)

ASRA Team Challenge pre-entry will be $175 per class, this entry will not include any credentials. Teams should remember that all riders must arrive and sign in before practice ends on Saturday to be eligible to race. Team Challenge registration closes at 9:00am Friday. (Please remember the Team Challenge requires a MyLaps transponder.)

Credential fees for the event are $65 on Thursday, $60 on Friday, $50 on Saturday and $25 on Sunday.

For those wishing to practice on Friday, contact Team Hammer at (951) 245-6414 for entry in the October 20th practice and Advanced School event.

Following the weekend of racing, we will host our National Awards Presentation Ceremony in the Drivers Meeting Room on Sunday the 22nd of October. This ceremony is free to anyone who has an event credential. National Champions Presentation to start 60 minutes after the last checkered flag for the weekend.

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September 14
- 2017 Region Awards Ceremony page created. Added ATL/MA, FL and MW dates; added date & form for NorthEast

- Photos added for Roebling and New Jersey

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