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Bridge & Pit Bike Rules at Summit Point

Summit Point

We have received information from Chris White, Motorsports Director of Summit Point Motorsports Park, regarding the repair of the paddock entry Bridge and the new Pit Bike rules.

The Paddock Entry Bridge has been repaired but has limited capacity: 10,000 lbs per axle. Vehicles exceeding that will need to take the grade level track crossing from Orchard Road between Turns 10 and 1 to pit lane (this is same the procedure we used last August).

The Pit bike rule is going to be relaxed but with 100% no tolerance for breaking.

Pit bikes will be allowed in the paddock only. A pit bike is defined as a non street legal motorized vehicle. Minors should not be riding pit bikes anywhere. Bicycles and street legal vehicles will be allowed out of the paddock for access to viewing areas.

Playing on any vehicle in the woods is frowned upon; don’t be an idiot with a “street legal” pit bike. Summit Point is not a motocross or off-road track. Do not abuse the convenience of a pit bike on the dirt roads that exist to viewing areas. This applies day or night.

Help patrol your pit neighbors with a simple “Hey pit bikes are for paddock transportation, we could lose that goofing around”. People goofing off are hard to “catch” so this is a blanket policy for the whole paddock, not “we are going to confiscate violator’s bike (if we catch you)”. It is people goofing off who can remove permission for the whole paddock.

Staff (including MARRC) will be allowed out of the paddock on pit bikes for official purposes during practice/racing; be sure you have your official shirt on!

Talladega Friday Practice Change


There has been a change in the Friday program at Talladega GPR May 13th.

The racer practice will now be hosted by John Cook ( of Trackapolooza not USTRA. For those who do not use Facebook, information is copied below.

    Trackapalooza is hosting a track day Friday, May 13 the day before the CCS races at Talladega GPR. This is run a little differently from my regular track events but still maintains the FUN & SAFE level for sure. Bikes are grouped into 3 divisions - lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. Cost is $130 for the track day and must be paid in advanced to reserve your spot. Send $130 via PayPal (doesn't matter if you have PP or not - click on the link) WWW.PAYPAL.ME/TRACKAPALOOZA. Include your name and riding class in the message when you pay. I'll send you a confirmation email once I have been notified of payment received. Gates will open Thursday afternoon but only those participating in my track day will be allowed in (no secretly reserving 20 spots for your weekend racing buds). Better get in today or you will miss out as this is sure to be a sell-out! Did I mention the FREE GOURMET HOT DOG LUNCH FRIDAY?????

Ed Bargy will still be hosting a racing school that day (

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Online Store Closed Temporarily

Our Shop CCS Online Store is now closed since all items have gone with our staff to future races.

We plan to reopen the store in late April after we have restocked.

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